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WEDDINGSWALA is built on working hard, meeting goals and exceeding expectations. Those deep-seated values and roots are still at work. We bring an unmatched work ethic, sense of humor and fun, and a unique vision to everything we do.
The combined experience, skill set and resources we bring to every project allows us to make truly original, customized events come alive anywhere in the world, or on the go! Everything from slick, sparse presentation spaces to beautiful elegant weddings, to promotional tours and pop-up events, to fantastical wild worlds designed and realized.

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Wedding is not an event, it's a combination of two SOUL, of two different families.

In the current wedding scenario in India, wedding has become a glamorous affair with rich look, picture wedding venues. We at WEDDINGSWALA ensure to meet all your expectations by considering your budget.
Here at WEDDINGSWALA our wedding planners keep detailed note of each thing by providing the most over- whelming hospitality and assistance to its clientele. WEDDINGSWALA fulfill all your imagination into reality. We ensures you for glamorous and unforgettable moment of wedding.

Corporate event is an art of creativity that highlight need of business, seminars, etc..

We pride ourselves on creating unique events tailored to our client's specific requirements. The secret to our successful events is our complete flexibility to design an event that suits our client’s needs, objectives and budget.
Every event is unique, as such, WEDDINGSWALA provides the attention to detail that makes success the common factor. We conceptualize, plan and produce Corporate Events, social events, Wedding Planners and Birthday Party Organizers.

Expo is a not just a selling point of goods, its a matter of presentation that grows your productivity.

In order to cater the diversified and rising requirements of our customers, we are affianced in bringing forth a broad compilation of International Trade Fairs to our patrons. We offer wide range of exhibition services and Trade Shows like auto expo exhibitions.
. In choosing maestro creations you will be accompanied by a dedicated team who will listen to your objectives, understand your needs and aim to perform beyond your highest expectations.

Weddingswala has a specialization in creating imagination into real world.!

Weddingswala Event Managers & expert team plans and organizes most innovative Themed Parties which gives an amazing feel to the Host. We bring all your dreams into reality with our team by creating a WOW experience.
We go a mile ahead and plan things for you in terms making your pleasant experiences into most memorable moments.
1. Birthday parties
2. Anniversaries
3. Naming ceremony
4. House warming

Product is the heart of business and we understand how to give a productivity to product.

Product launch events are essential to the existence of businesses, but are critical to a startups. Product launches are designed to achieve the specific purpose of creating awareness and publicity for a particular product/brand. Success can determine the fate of the product, as a launch will be directly responsible for the level of immediate and post-launch sales that is generated.
A product launch is meant to generate a lot of buzz about the product/brand. WEDDINGSWALA helps you to create your brand with unique ideas and marvelous presentation of products.

Work process

We follow certain process for making event more effective and memorable




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